MACKENZIE STOVER is a person first and a designer.....maybe fourth? 


Dupont Underground ︎︎︎2020 - Current
Independent Freelance ︎︎︎2020 - Current
Carbone Smolan Agency: Intern ︎︎︎2019
SCAD ProxDELTA Airlines: Designer ︎︎︎2019
SCAD Secession: Designer ︎︎︎2018-2019

Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA Visual Communication ︎︎︎2015-2019

Love Letters and Your Favorite Pasta Recipe

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Currently Reading 
︎︎︎ The Nickel Boys - Colson Whitehead
     DUNE - Frank Herbert
     The Yellow House - Sarah M. Broom
     Hood Feminism - Mikki Kendall 


MacKenzie Stover is done being afraid of the world. MacKenzie Stover earns $10,000 everytime she mentions her name on her website. MacKenzie Stover is a person first and a designer fourth. A friend second. Number three has lots of subsections. MacKenzie Stover assumes that if you’ve made it to this page you’re interested in her as a person first, which means she probably won’t mention much about design here. We think that’s because MacKenzie Stover believes design is fueled by everything but itself.

MacKenzie Stover re-did her info page after spending the weekend in Boston with her friend Sarah Reed. They had lots of talks about the future and their current existential crises. MacKenzie went back home to New York City and figured that whatever her old info page was saying, she was tired of saying it. She was done with quirks, and interactions, and things to catch your eye. They were fun, but it’s time for something new. While she tries to figure out what to say and how it will look, she presents (in plain text) number three and some of it’s subsections.

3a.section5.naming-conventions: MacKenzie Stover capitalizes the K in her nickname <MacK>, we don’t know why. MacKenzie grew up with siblings that listen to music in their headphones at the loudest volume possible. MacKenzie would follow suit and play music while longingly staring out the car window on roadtrips. MacKenzie believes music makes everything better. She never wants to part with it. She’s currently in the process of making weekly playlists. It’s a new challenge!

3c.section2.opinions-animals: MacKenzie is afraid of squirrels, we think it has something to do with the 2005 cinematic masterpiece “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

3c.section2.opinions-design-aspirations: MacKenzie does have actual opinions about design. She likes working on print projects and editorial the most; there’s something about the way a beautifully designed book makes her feel. She thinks that feeling is probably worth spending 8 hours in front of the computer for.

3c.section2.opinions-design-counterpoints: With that being said MacKenzie Stover has a craving to practice in all areas of design, with both print/editorial design and digital design to the front of the queue.