MACKENZIE STOVER is a person first and a designer.....maybe fourth? 

Cool Stuff (short list)

FEI Creative ︎︎︎2022 - Current
Jennifer Behr ︎︎︎2021 - 2023
Driving Change ︎︎︎2021
Dupont Underground ︎︎︎2020 - 2021
Carbone Smolan Agency: Intern ︎︎︎2019

Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA Visual Communication ︎︎︎2015-2019

Love Letters and Your Favorite Pasta Recipe

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︎︎︎ Portrait of a Thief - Grace D. Li

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︎︎︎ Marry My Husband
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 Cool Stuff (long list)

MacKenzie (MacK) Stover (she/they) is a person currently living in New York City (home of “hey im walkin here! fuhged about it!” etc.) They assume that if you’ve made it all the way to this info page you’re probably interested in who they are as a person, because let’s be honest being a designer is only so cool for so long. 

The order really goes like 1. person -> 2. friend -> 3. too many things in between to name -> 4. designer. 

Some of the too many things in between to name -> MacKenzie likes to read and do arts and crafts, they rollerskate, they like to cook and they have an irrational fear of squirrels. She has her certificate in floral design. She listens to a lot of music, watches a lot of tv, scrolls a lot of wikipedia pages, and makes a lot of silly photoshop files. Some people think she’s cool, some people don’t. 

MacK likes to practice in all kinds of design! Mainly digital design, posters, anything related to music or the arts, and anything to do with print.

MacKenzie has learned a lot of things over the past few years of the pandemic - the most important being that no matter who you are, you deserve a life that can be lived however you choose.